2017 06 29 Mike Owens 6019

My name is Mike and I specialise in portraiture and high adrenaline water based sports photography. Whether it’s for business, for pleasure, for self-indulgence or for capturing moments in your life you want to treasure - I just love to photograph people! For me, photography is all about attention to detail, preparation and close collaboration with my clients to ensure they get exactly what they need.

Stand out from the crowd with your portrait. Many of my clients feel they are simply not photogenic enough or even worthy of a photographer’s attention but that simply is not true! An experienced photographer will have many tricks and techniques to bring out the best in you in order to build your confidence and also guide you through wardrobe choices, facial expressions, posing etc. You will be amazed how fabulous you can look with professional cameras, lighting equipment, expert direction and my signature retouching; it really is a real confidence booster!

If you are into sports or pastimes I have all the equipment necessary to capture the best dynamic images of you “doing your thing” indoors or outdoors. As a keen sports enthusiast myself, a photographer who is able to assimilate and predict the action is always more likely to get that killer shot!

For businesses, I offer photography for headshots, for products and for environments. Headshots in particular is something that I believe is not taken seriously enough. In a more social media and online dominated environment your headshot is likely to be the first contact you have with your client – “First Impressions Count!” So it is of the utmost importance that your portrait exudes trust, confidence and personality – I can do that for you.

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