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Here's how it works...

I'll come and photograph you doing your favourite sport or activity for upto 1 hour.  The best shots are edited and posted online for you to view in  your own gallery which can be password protected if you so wish. You may purchase digital downloads or printed photographs from this website if like them. 

Of course, some activities are heavily reliant on appropriate weather conditions and we will discuss that so making a firm booking date may be a challenge but we will get there.

For a photographer to get the very best action shots he needs to be familiar with the sport and I am very familiar with all the sports I list. That said, I will photograph any sport or activity provided my camera is not expected to swim or fly for insurance purposes.  Additionally ready for watersports in 2018 I'm intending to be out on the water with you for even more awesome shots - so look out for that!

For all sports and activities I insist and I will assume that you have appropriate insurance to cover you and your equipment. I cannot be help responsible for any claims that may arise.

So all you need to do now is call me to discuss your needs...   07775 924 084




Pre-shoot consultation, travel within 25 miles of Havant, photoshoot (approx 1 hour) and a private online gallery containing 60 -100 edited images.


       Price £65    (£30 deposit required)

                       ~0.3 Mpx            ~1.0Mpx                ~4.0Mpx *

1 image         £10                      £12                          £20

6 images       £48    (£8 ea)     £60    (£10 ea)       £102  (£17 ea)

10 images     £70    (£7 ea)     £80    (£8 ea)         £140  (£14 ea)

20 images     £100  (£5 ea)     £120 (£6 ea)         £220  (£11 ea)

* Full resolution images may not be possible. This depends on "camera to action" distance which should ideally be less than 150-200 feet

Payment by card through website

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