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Personal Branding

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, a service provider or looking for a job,  personal branding can give you the edge over your competition. The personal branding service is all about meticulously understanding how you want to be portrayed on all your visual platforms.  To get your brand to the next level it is vital to have your true self on show to your audience in order for you to succeed in getting those connections and relationships you desire .

The corporate head shot has always been an excellent tool to connect with the viewer. However personal branding can do so much more for you than a head shot.  It can inform the viewer with much more distinction using carefully choreographed body language, colour, expression, lighting, posing and styling across multiple photographs to paint the complete picture of you!  ...the picture you want your intended audience to see.  

To book your personal branding session click on the "BOOK A CONSULTATION" button below ... It will change the way you see yourself.

My Approach

You really do have only a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience. So it's vital to create brand imagery that's both stimulating and distinctive. As a general rule the more you put into the photoshoot the better the outcome - so detailed planning & preparation is definitely worth doing!  Whether you need images for your website, for your social media channels or even dating websites I can create them for you.

My approach is quite simple ... we need to discuss exactly how you want to be photographed, where you want to be photographed, what clothing to wear including props, how you want to be portrayed, the mood  you want to convey, the messages you want to get across to you audience and  how you need to be styled to make the very best of yourself and your brand. 

To help in some of those decisions I have created a style guide for you to understand available choices for lighting, backgrounds, colours, mood, apparel and formatting for online web/social media platforms.  If you need to, I can connect with you via skype/facetime/pinterest and review your wardrobe and other choices.

I can also create HD video clips for you help you further get your brand messages to your audience - please ask for more details.

So, all I need to know "How you want to be photographed" and "How you are going to use your images".

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