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As a watersports enthusiast, you will know its really difficult to get some amazing photographs of you doing the sport you love. Quite often you might get lucky with a GoPro and get a great shot or maybe someone on the beach manages to get a shot on a mobile phone.  You could rely on these devices or you could commission me to get some awesome high-quality action photographs of you that would not look out of place in a magazine! With my professional equipment, I can capture the action well out to sea. I also have the advantage that I'm an experienced windsurfer & SUP'r and I windsurf with kitesurfers so I know when that killer move is about to happen through the riders body language!  

I will be attending the usual watersports hot spots where conditions are favourable for 2018/19 and you will be able to view photographs online.

I offer commissions for assured coverage of you in action on the water and I will edit and display your images in an online gallery for you to consider.  I don't charge for photographs up front - you buy only the photographs you really like. Both prints and downloads are available.

Just book, turn up and I''ll give you pointers on where to be for the best photography and then start shooting!  If you would like to know more contact me and let me know "how you would like to be photographed".

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