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All about Me

I have always found photographing people a very rewarding thing to do - something I have thoroughly enjoyed for over 10 years! My biggest joy however is to collaborate with my clients to realise dreams, visions and desires to create individual and contemporary portraits that they love! I especially enjoy making photographs of people who feel a little reluctant of having their portrait taken professionally. When you reveal their likeness to them their reactions are amazing - you can feel the empowerment and self confidence coming back and their faces light up! ....I’ve got the best job in the world! 

For my business clients it's all about creating the right images to help businesses be as best as they can be visually; on websites, social media platforms and printed marketing materials.   Businesses have only a few seconds to show off their people, their premises and their products in the best possible light in order to secure attention in today's competitive market place.  First impressions really do count here its very rewarding to be part of that process.

For my personal portrait clients my goal is to create the best possible experience of a portrait photoshoot where you are so empowered that you can easily step into a different world with new found confidence. A place where your styling is only limited by your imagination and where you will see yourself (perhaps for the first time) in a completely different and amazing light!

I invite you to a personal session with me, it will change the way you see yourself.

I want to take the best photograph of you that you have ever seen!   -   That’s what I do!

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